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3DM-Cast Resin

had anyone casted 3DM-Cast successfully?

I use 3DM-Cast quite often

Hard silicone tray

50 micron resolution 0.05 slice

4 layers for attachment

5mm high supports then model

Lift speed 15mm / min for all layers


60 seconds for first layer

30 seconds for next 3 layers

8 seconds for the supports

4 seconds for the model

I only use 3DM-Cast resin for jewelry at 37nm X-Y and 25nm Z because I need maximum resolution, the exposure I use are:
60 seconds for the first 6 layer
50 seconds for the last 6 layer of the base (I usually make 0,3mm for the base)
4,5 seconds for the supports
3,8 seconds for all the other layers of the model
for casting this resins (in gold or silver) you need a specific gypsum for resins and a burning curve you can download on this website

I have cast some Silicon Bronze using 3DM Cast. I am fine tuning the process.