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A more detailed walk through of software setup needed


I´v e found trouble converting an STL file to the format needed by the printer software. A detailed step by step video showing the procedure will be of great help.

Thank you!


Could you describe in more detail what additional information you’d like to see that’s not covered in my walk-through video?

Hi jkao:
How do you prepare an STL in the sliced format needed by the printer software?
I´m trying to follow the step #6 in the printing guide dealing with slicing a model using Creative Workshop but it´s hard to understand. EDITED: I´m sorry, I haven´t seen that video in particular. Thanks for putting that link, I´ll try it.

Thanks for your help



I’ve followed through your tutorial several times.
I’ve named correctly my stl file, opened it in Create Workshop, sliced it, I checked on “Export Slices to CWS” and “Export Slices to Disk”, Selected the option "Export SVG: Filled Polygons"and “ExportPreview: None”
After that I’ve opened the folder, deleted the first 0000 png file, opened the Kudo software, clicked on the first one, but nothing happened.
I’ve watched many times your vid between 43:35 and 44:38 trying to find what I missed but still can’t get the slices loaded on the Kudo software.
Please, I’ll appreciate your help into solving this problem.

Thank you

When you say “nothing happened”, is it really that the Kudo3D software had no reaction at all? Or did it identify only 1 layer?

If you have any numbers at all in your part’s file name, then the Kudo3D software will get confused about which number is part of your part name and which number identifies the layer height, and will stop loading after 1 layer.

Nothing, zero, nada.
I’ve tried renaming the stl at least three times, the last one the name was just text, no numbers no symbols.
Other issue I have is I can’t turn the projector on from the software, I have to do it manually, every time I turn it on it reboots my computer.
I had to buy a new Dell laptop, Just plain vanilla, basic video card 1900 x 1080 screen and a single HDMI plug.
After all I invested on this I’d like to make better progress.
It’s my first printer though, a lot to learn.


I don’t mean the name of the STL file. I mean the name of the .cws file. The names of the files will be based on the name of the CWS file. It would be good to get a screenshot of what your folder of images looks like.

Hi jkao:

Here they are.

Thank you for your patience.

Is there a particular reason why you end your part names with underscore?

I believe that the one exception to the numbers is that the Kudo3D sample file name in the printing guide is is “ABCD_1234.stl”, which would imply that there is probably some kind of special parsing for _.

Have you tried removing the _ from the file names and saving the part just as “kudocalibration.cws” and then slicing?

I am having the exact same problem. I followed the video step by step and when I get to the slices, the software doesn’t load or recognize them.

My file I have slices has no numbers, no underscore, no symbols, and is the same file he is working with. I am still having the same issue.

My projector also does not turn on with the software. I have to take the sideplate off and turn it on manually.


Yes I have tried without underscore, just plain text as I mentioned in my message.

Hmm… hard to say what is going on, you’ll probably need to take this up with support during the week. I don’t think the projector and the slice loading issue are necessarily related, although people have mentioned before problems with the software not having been properly installed somehow, where an uninstall-reinstall solved the problem. This is somewhat of a long shot though.

The only other thing I notice is that both of you are running on Windows 8.1, which I also run, but seems to have given people problems before. The only thing I can think to check is to make sure that you have all of the drivers on the Download page installed (the drivers are particularly necessary to get projector on/off working) and to see if the slice loading issue behaves differently if you launch the Kudo3D software via “Run as administrator”.


Right now I´m not at home, but I´ll definitely try reinstalling everything on the computer running the printer.

Thanks again

It seems I have an older version of the Kudo 3D Windows Software Manual. The latest version has better detailed instructions of the Creation Workshop setup before saving the layers.
They recommend going to Import Advanced Configuration instead of simply Load model

You will still need to load the model first before you import configuration, basic or advanced. Loading the model (Chapter IV, step 1) will clear out the layers settings. Then you will choose to either proceed with basic (step 4) or advanced (step 5) layer configuration.

I am not sure why “Import Advanced Configuration” is underlined in the step 1 screenshot, but you definitely must import configurations after loading models.

I tried the Import Advanced Config and the files don’t even appear. I am running out of ideas and really wish this printer would work.


Import Advanced Config is only for importing layer settings after you do Load Model, which is what seems to be going wrong on your system.

I would also suggest you hit up support during the week to get some more dedicated help with your software. The only thing I can think to do at the moment would be to try reinstalling the software, reinstalling the drivers (for the projector control issue), and to try running the software with “Run as Administrator”.


I´ve reinstalled the software to the latest version (V1.3), also the source code and usb driver.
I´ve followed the instructions given in the latest manual (V1.3) saved the slices out from Creation Workshop accordingly, text only, no underscores no numbers, deleted the first 0000 slice, zipped it etc.
Then I´ve opened the Kudo software as administrator, tried to load te file as a zip file and as shown in your tutorial, (clicking on the first slice.)
The only change this time is that the software recognizes the first layer only, nothing about the rest…
Should I name this progress? :slight_smile:
Thank you anyway


Your description of events seems to have two different things mixed together.

If you want to open a set of slices as a zip file, you put all the images into a single file named something like mypart.3dlp.zip. Then in the Kudo3D software, you load the mypart.3dlp.zip file and you never touch any individual slice images.

If you want to open a set of slices out of a folder, you put all the images into a folder, and do not zip anything. Then in the Kudo 3D software, you load the first image out of the folder.

I’m a little confused when you see that you zipped it, but then click on the first slice, which seems to be some mixture of the two paths which I can’t imagine. Which path (zip or image folder) did you take?