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About 3 mm of the model missing from the build plate

Hello. I have have encountered a strange problem. Printed a tiny locking button aroun 17 mm in height. it was interesting to notice that the first 3 mm of the from the build plate was missing. Rest of the part has features with correct dimensions. What might have gone wrong. I have sliced it at 50 microns and XY at 50microns. Using the soft PSP for Titan 2 .

Missing 3mm is likely caused from the z-zero being set actually 3mm below the vat floor. We always set the z-zero a little below the vat floor (squeezing into the floor) to make sure there is no gap but 3mm is too much. If the platform is not parallel to the vat floor, you might need to squeeze in a lot. Therefore, If you need a precise height, it is better to add supports. The supports will absorb those errors. Some models demand a flat bottom without supports and a more precise calibration is required.