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About the making of the mask

I made a mask(mask30.png , mask.psd) with AdobePhotoshopCS2.
I can view it definitely in the windows photo viewer.
However, a circular black line is output on the Titan1 software ver1.43.

Where is the cause of this?
Please help me.


Sorry, I missed attach any photos…

There is a bug in projectlayer’s rending of certain pure grey colors. The easiest workaround is to tint the mask by slightly reducing the red and/or green levels until the problem no longer manifests.

Also, I’ve found that a spherical gradient is hard to match up to the brightness variance of the projector. The mask created by Creation Workshop Host’s slice browser:

creates a mask with a more parabolic shape that is a closer match to the projector’s brightness distribution.

Dear Jkao,
Very very thanks!
I went well when it lowered Red.
And I thank for your having introduced CWH.

Why does an attached photograph become triple? (I’m embarrassed.)

How do I get this image out of CW as shown in the link from Jkao? I would like to experiment with adding a mask to some prints and feel I should figure out a way to get access to the adjustable image shown from the link. However it appears to be just a screen grab. https://github.com/area515/Creation-Workshop-Host/wiki/Mask-Creator

Thanks James and Kentaro.

the projector for dlp printer I am using is acer X1213P with resolution 1024 x 768,I have placed my vat(bottom-up approach)at 24.3cm distance away from projector.Due to this distance I think there is non-uniform distribution of light what can I do to have uniform distribution of light?Do you suggest incorporating lens between the projector and lens?

will enabling ‘Enable mask’ option solve this issue?

Non-uniformity comes from both the light intensity distribution and spherical aberration. The mask can improve the intensity nonuniformity but not the focus (spherical aberration). Spherical aberration is a result of lens design.