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Amazing high resolution 29mm tall miniature, cast in resin

Hey everyone,

Our Titan one is proving very challenging to figure out all the settings and supports needed to get good prints consistently, BUT we do have this, which shows what the machine is capable of when it goes right!

This figure is cast in resin plastic, from a printed master which had virtually no clean up of the surface detailing.

The smoothness of the surface and crisp edges on the mechanical parts is simply incredible. This figure is 29mm tall, just over an inch!

Resin Ellenor Renard miniature

here is a comparison of the same figure, on the left a print from a Projet 3000 HD Plus professional machine, on the right, the same figure printed on the Titan 1.

click on the image to check out the full size image!

So in summary, the machine is proving frustrating at the moment with many failed prints, but its got incredible potential once we get the problems ironed out.

some Tech specs for the print -

25 microns XYZ
Spot-HT with approx 0.7% black polyurethane pigment.
around 2.6 seconds cure time for the “normal” layers.
Took about two and a half hours.

this is amazing Joel, i really would like to pick your brain about mini creation via some instant messanger you are my hero on these forums.

Awesome! Love the side by side comparison.

joal did you use meshmixer supports? curious what settings, especialy tip size, could you share a image of the 3d model with supports?

@Tracy - Thanks,
send me an email if you have any particular questions about miniatures (info at anvilindustry.co.uk)

and I will try and find time to answer them.

I didnt use Meshmixer supports, dont really get on with them. I have been using the softwear for the B9Creator, its got really nice support generation tools. I also generate quite a few supports manually in Blender.

I normally using a few supports with a 1mm diameter tip, and then most of them with .7 or .5mm diameter tips, though I have been having trouble lately getting the thinner ones to attach to the build platform properly.

She is tilted slightly on to her back, so that I dont need any supports on the front.

Hope this helps

when you say the thin ones are not connecting to build platform correcly, what do you mean? the mesh (raft) build platform in your model, or the actual metal platform. from the image i dont see any going to the metal. i’ve never had any issue getting them going to the mesh “raft”

My mistake sorry, i meant to say we have troble with them not sticking to the model. They break off or don’t form properly when they narrow toward the model surface.

ahhh i had tat on a print i was doing with some fine tips, maybe my smart support idea will help fix that!~

where are the support being made for this? I don’t see control to do supports in CW like this

@tdixon1000: I believe @Joel mentioned this earlier in the thread when he said:

I didnt use Meshmixer supports, dont really get on with them. I have been using the softwear for the B9Creator, its got really nice support generation tools. I also generate quite a few supports manually in Blender.

@ Joel.
Really nice miniature print. Its good to know someone else is using the B9 software. I am also printing 28mm figures with my Titan and stalactite and I am starting to match the quality of older perfactory prints. What resin are you using ?, I am using maker juice red with extra pigment and its really starting to produce good results but I agree with you that its the reliability that is the problem especially with supports failing. One thing I done was to really reduce the speed on the z retraction right down to about 15mm on the fist few mm and that really helped my particular resin blend. The other thing that helped me was to make the supports vertical whenever possible. I will post some of my pictures soon. Thanks for sharing …very interesting

Hi Joel. We are printing at 25 microns with spotHD with a mixture of red and black tint, but we would like to use a grey like yours (the one on this images) we are making the mix with spot HT plus 0,7 of black but it gives us a black color on the final result. The question is, are you painting the figures on the pictures or it’s the printer’s final result ? Thank you!

David, i believe the one you are seeing here is not his print, but a resin cast made from his print, he said he printed in spotht with black pigment so his print would have been extremely dark maroonblack color. he made a mold of it then cast it in a grey resin… at least thats my thoughts

Congratulations Joe,

the impression is very good. You have printed at 25 microns; I guess you have modified the projector lens …
I took time trying to make me Titan 1; but I find accurate … you could help me with this?

Certainly the casted resin is great, they have particular resin used? I would like to make rune tests at home.

My email is darthfernan@gmail.com.

Thank you !!!