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Any good Modification to your Machine?

So far what I’ve done

  1. Tee shaped thumb and finger screws holding down vat, no more tool.
  2. Three small hinges on left side panel with finger handle and magnets to close door,
    no more removing side panel to run or view bottom of vat.
  3. Scotch taped perimeter of Teflon down in vat, no more Teflon peel up.
  4. Designed and built self top draining build plate with stud attachment, no more
    loads of resin at end of run on top of plate and no more flush head screw on
    bottom of plate.
  5. Bought 54 watt UV nail curing (double hand) station, added hour hours timer to it,
    only $70, works like a champ!

Wish List

  1. manual or auto shutter mounted
  2. projector on linier bearings
  3. easy button

Interesting, can you share you build plate design?

I’ve been meaning to get some scrap aluminum and mill myself a buildplate with a very rough sandblasted surface and a raised ridge, but haven’t gotten around to designing it yet.

The only mod I’ve made to my setup is to attach a a 12V amber LED lamp to the front rail to better illuminate the build area for filming build videos.

Yes I can, I will post the print here

In order to make this work with Kudo’s ball mount, you must remove the key

the raised ridge was my first idea but decided against that as my thought was once the build platform was on the vat surface the resin would over flow over vat walls if I used the large plate…

Oh, interesting, I see what you mean by self draining now. Putting that slope in probably requires a CNC mill, I’m not sure how to do it on a manual mill :slight_smile:

You seem to have a different attachment mechanism to the ball head that leaves the plate totally smooth, and then uses some kind of threaded post rather than a screw in a countersinked hole to attach? How do you intend that to work?

Also, from the look of those diagrams, are you having those manufactured somewhere?

You can do in with a manual machine, just set up the plate at the angle (in work jaws) then mill it off until you have the .510 dimension

I have a counter sink flush head screw as you do, put a threaded stud on the new plate then screw in the ball mount, make sure you mill off the key on the ball mount

I have my shop make what ever I need or want, I just do the print, they deliver.

Oh, work jaws, brilliant! (as you can probably tell, I’m only an amateur machinist)

I don’t have a shop that makes stuff for me, but this now seems quite doable to make myself.


Make sure you mill of the 15 and 7 degree first on 100um


25 and 15 degree first on 50um

Replaced clamp bar for vat, mine was beginning to warp and small hoses are not springing anymore (springs), the warped issues was making unscrewing become difficult.

1)Made stiffer.

2)Designed to maintain original vat bend resistance (peel off).

3)Integrated spring wells to have real spring to be used (no more hose).

Wish I had access to a machine shop. The L bracket has to be adjusted a lot too.want to swap out Allen’s with Allen head bolt and finger adjment head.

“L bracket” not sure of this bracket location, any clarification?

It’s the Bracket that attaches to the Linear Stage and has the Build Plate attached to it according to the Kudo manual.

OK, I had only messed with this twice, not a lot at all, I see no reason on my end to redesign this…

Interesting. I re-level everytime I change from vat1 to vat2 or adjust the build plate to clean it or my prints. I’ve let it stay adjusted a couple of times but always paranoid about making it level again to the vat and the world at the L-bracket too e.g. loosen those 4 screws, when setting Z-zero.

OK, I’m going on to a new Vat design, I’m in the works to integrate on the Titan a Drum flex vat, this will be about 7 or 8 parts total, will take some time to design and machine all parts, will show some progress as I make it…had started some layout of current vat area to fit all parts within…

May find it not worth the effort but need to get to that point before I throw in the towel

keep us posted, i’m also interested in such vat, i’ve got FEP film waiting, suppose you intend to use FEP of course.

Yes, going to get it from McMaster Carr, .005 thickness

I have things basically laid out in CAD, finding all sides are open to design but the front that is near cover is an issue, I may have to cut an opening in cover to allow vat to extend thru…I really don’t want to do any modification to the machine but I may end up doing that, still looking at screen for idea around this problem…

Did not take so long to design, I have basic layout attached, not all details are drawn but this is what I will detail out later (4 parts) to have machined, for now I’m leaving for a weeks vacation and will begin to detail out after then, I think this will work very well in the Titan machine, um, notice I have the front cover in the way, I could not get around this problem, so I will modify my cover, everything else is drop in place and play…

I have the details done, I will build two assemblies…I may have them machined sometime next week, will post results and modification needed…any thought?