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Anyone still have an older version of Creation Workshop?

and is willing to put the file out on Dropbox or something for download?

I’m running into an issue on numerous files where Creation Workshop hangs on a layer while slicing, and can’t get past it. I’ve tried reducing the poly count with Meshmixer, saving them to OBJ files rather than STL files, doing just that object alone. In all cases, it still hangs.

James Kao mentioned that the older versions sometimes get past this issue, so I’m hoping someone is willing to put a few of the older versions up in the hopes they succeed at slicing the files into png files.

Kevin Rau

Your best bet is probably to go to the buildyourownsla.com forums and ask for help there. That’s the forum run by the creator of Creation Workshop.

Versions of CW prior to were pretty unstable, I doubt you would want to use them.

I still have that I have put in the following dropbox

Thanks @Taylor. Giving it a try now.

Dang, it hangs in the same place as v75.

I had also faced such problem while using creation workshop software.It will stop projecting image on the vat in the middle of printing.I had to stop printing and even after starting printing again it worked for first five minutes and then stopped projecting image.
It works better when the printing time is upto an hour and then it starts giving disappointing results.
Any suggestion how to cope with this problem?

The printing could stop if a .png slice is corrupted.