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¿anyone with kudo titan 2?


Hi to everyone:
I have my titan 2hr since one week, i have read everything but i cant make it work properly and i dont know why!!
I make the desings in creation workshop, i make the slices and upload in .zip to the software of kudo…
I change the parameters of exposure time from 8 to 60 making some diferent test, i have change the delay time, the speed, the lift height…but i always get the same.
I will give you all my pics, and please help me, because and dont have more ideas.
I have calibrated and my resins are nextdent, surgical guide (http://nextdent.com/products/sg-surgical-guide/)
Nextdent told me that it have to work, that his resin is for DLP printers…
Next week i will try with another resins like fun to do.
If you have some ideas could work for me, please tell me.
In the images i try to make a joda, a tetrahedon and a gecko just for test it.


Before trying a new resin, have you validated the functioning of the setup using one of the resins that Kudo3D has recommended settings for?


thank u for your answer, i didnt try the resin of kudo 3d because with my printer i didnt order any.
I want to try but the delivery its so long for spain, so i will try with “fun to do” on tuesday.
If not, i will buy the kudo 3d resins, but in the future i will need to use some medical use resins anyway…


Hola @alvaro9889, habeis logrado imprimir exitosaente? acabo de adquirir la titan 2 hr y estoy en la misma situacion que t’u cuando hiciste 'este post