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App crashes on menu "File > Load Model"

Hi. Sorry to bother the forum for what seems to be a very unique issue, obviously limited to my own config.

I installed Kudo software (v1.43) on a laptop PC running Windows XP.

It worked perfect during a day or two (importing models and settings, printing etc.), and, all of a sudden, it throws an error when trying to load a model, to import or export files.

The error is thrown at the precise moment you select an item in the menu (just before the file selection dialog which does not appear anymore), and instantly shows the following message : “Py2Exe Sample File found an error and must be closed”

Any clue would be much appreciated… (maybe something related to a Python script?)

Many thanks for your feedback

Marc / Paris

AppName: kudo3d_titan.exe AppVer: ModName: wxbase30u_vc90.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000988e3

Haven’t heard of anyone hitting this before, but I’d probably start by trying to reboot the computer, and if that doesn’t fix it, try reinstalling the Kudo3D software.

Already tried to uninstall, reboot, reinstall… No change !

I would try running it from safe mode, just to see if it works or not. That might eliminate other programs running at the time from being the cause. (So long as your safe mode still handles the two displays and high resolution, it might not - but it would still allow you to test loading a file.)

Another possibility - perhaps go into Device Manager and change the port setting for the Titan, and then load the Kudo3D software and change the port in there as well. See if that makes a difference. (The next step after that would be to change the port # for the projector.)