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Bean 3D Printer Launch


Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well!

We have exciting news regarding our Bean 3D printer!

All things have been finalized, and we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign on May 31, 2017 at 11AM PST! This will mark our 3rd year anniversary since our first Kickstarter launch back in May 2014.

Bracelet V by MakeALot

This LCD-SLA 3D printer has a XY resolution of 50 microns and a Z layer thickness capable of 10 microns. The Bean has a large build area of 4.7 in x 2.7 in and a maximum build height of 5.9 in.

Full Plate of Rings by Pino

The super early bird pledge starting at $199 USD (and the regular Kickstarter pledge of $399 USD).

Voronoi Vase by Lockheart

Please see below for our Kickstarter preview link:

Kickstarter Page

Thank you as always for your continuous support and interest! We look forward to a great campaign!

Warm regards,
Kudo3D Team


$120,000 in 6 mins


Look forward to adding alongside the Titan!


I would appreciate seeing closeups of the ring prints using high depth of field settings to see how the resolution of the LCD and the layers impact the print quality.

Also, I would be very interested in hearing about cure times using the existing resins to see how that would impact my workflow. I will be most interested in castable resins of course, so for me to join in on the fun, I’d need that information to make my final decision.


Kudo Team, looks like you did a great job on this new printer and I’m very interested in it as you have a LCD projection of some sorts…As you may recall the Lens Aberration is a problem for me and would like to know more of this new Kudo concept of projection.

I am guessing this problem of Aberration is not in this unit?

If so, would a clever person be able to retrofit this projection unit into the Titan 1, to work at 50um XY?


The pictures showing what the Bean can print shows very good batch printing, that is why I’m guessing you have no Lens Aberration


Feed back?



There’s no lens, so no spherical aberration or barrel distortion. In the first live stream, a related question was asked about uniformity across the build area. The optical uniformity is perfect (no optics), but there is a slight variation in light intensity across the build area that netted to a <0.5% dimensional variance in the example print of a full plate of rings.


jkao, I’m thinking to buy one, do you think I can mount it in my machine? Mechanically shouldn’t be a problem, but what about circuit hardware and software of what the Titan 1 has?


I’m not sure if I could do it myself, but given your skills and tools, I’m pretty sure you could do it. You can use all of what it comes with, including its hardware and software. The onboard computer and software are the same as the Titan 2.


Thats awesome! When will these be shipped?


I’m missing information for the brackers in Kudo’s community. Can we create a topic for that?
That’s my first post here, sorry if it’s the wrong place for it :slight_smile:


Is there a more active SLA community that users recommend?
For FDM I’m active at Ultimaker community for about 3 years, good place to exchange knowleage!