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Bean 3DSR resin - Pigments and flexibility


I am new to 3d printing and am considering pre-ordering the Bean to print small scale miniature figures. From reading the Kickstarter and Indiegogo posts I see that there are 5 resin options available; black, white, green, gray and yellow. There isn’t a whole lot of info posted on the resins so I have several questions that I am hoping someone with experience can help me answer before I invest:

  1. Do the resins have different characteristics besides color? e.g. do they differ in their ability to hold detail, their hardness or flexibility, cure time etc?
  2. I would like to print in a variety of colors so is it possible and practical to add color pigment to any of the resins to change the color? I would likely use the white resin as a base and add pigment to it. I see in the forums that others have added pigments to different resins with mixed success. Are there preferred pigments or any guidelines for doing this?
  3. How flexible is the resin once it is fully cured? Will small pieces like a sword in a figures hand flex at all or will it just snap off?

Any guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated!