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Bean: Blinking green light and can't connect web server


Hi. I got Bean recentlly, and today I powered it up first time.
It turns on but keep blinking green lights and never get connected. (I directly plugin LAN cable, but hub never linked.)

I opened up Bean and confirmed that ATMega2560 board and RasPi board are blinking in the same time/timing is the same as Bean blinks.
It does not seems that the RasPi never gets initialized. (If it is initialize, I could see LAN link lamp on RasPi turns on, but it never does.)
Probably RasPi or its SD card is broken.

How can I fix that? Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank you.


It sounds like your bean is trying to negotiate to get an IP address and it’s failing. You could try a different port. How are you trying to connect? If the name doesn’t work try the ip address instead. Have you used a port scanner like angryip or the like?