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Bean built.in control: Check function


I was doing a long print… and after a few hours I wanted to be certain that the print was OK, so I tried the ‘Check’ function.
First I PAUSEd the print, then clicked on the CHECK button.
A long time later it lifted the print, I lifted the cover, took a look and saw that all was well, so I replaced the cover, then ‘unPaused’ the job…
It slowly lowered the print…

But while it was lowering, it also displayed 2 or 3 pictures. That is, it tried to print several layers before the existing print was down in the vat and correctly positioned.

Yeah, the print was ruined.

So, did I do it wrong, or?

Also, for one reason or other, the SW estimates every print to take about 8Hours…
And yeah, it’s almost a z-max print…


had same problem ,its likes a bug