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Bean built-In software

Whats up with the slow slicing and how do i copy the same model on the build plate. Also, how can i add multiple models on the same build plate.
Unless i’m doing something really wrong, it seems that the slicing/nesting software is a major step backwards.

Anyone with suggestions?

I think that I can not do it.
I added support and multiple models in B9Creator Software.

Kudo3D Have stated there is an update to the software coming, with new slicing ability etc. For now the built-in web based software is based on combo of opensource Octoprint and SLAcer.js which means it’s relatively limited.

Their new software hopefully will add more capabilities including slicing, support generation etc (according to what they’ve said on their backer updates).

I’ve personally been tempted to write my own SLA Slicer software with advanced features, but unfortunately while I have the skills to do so, I currently have no time to undertake such a project.

Either way, the built-in software does work just fine for loading pre-sliced ZIP files containing layer stacks. These could be generated in any other slicing software and then loaded for printing. So you’re not limited, just a bit of fiddling to get the software right.

My Bean JUST arrived, I haven’t opened the box yet (hoping to find time to do that tonight) so I’ll be posting some videos on youtube, including some basic tutorials, etc… As I can find time (might take a few weeks to get that all done). In the meantime I’ll try and post here with any tips as I come up with them.