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BEAN: Flexible resin

I just did my first test print of this resin…
Just a simple ring(40mm outr diameter, 30mm inner diameter, 5mm thickness, rectangular cross-section)
The first thing I learned is that this stuff sticks like nobody’s business to the print plate.
Don’t even think about printing anything with this without lifting off the print plate somehow. And adhesion to the teflon film is also strong.

The colour is closing on Pepsi, or possibly a Dr. Pepper, so it’s dark, but not entirely opaque.
flexibility seems to be close to rubber.
At least in ‘high room temp’ of about 25Celsius.
I need to let it get some post-curing done in the windowsill before I toss it in the freezer…

Does anyone know what this stuff is resistant to when cured?


It started hardening pretty quickly after I tossed it in the freezer, and in less than an hour it was HARD! Like ‘Eng Tough’ hard.
It changes pretty quickly into malleable again, but still, it’s not usable in applications where it may be exposed to freezing temperatures.

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