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I ordered a spare screw and I would like to ask if someone can give me some guidelines. This is what I asked Kudo3D. Thanks in advance.

1.- Should I remove only the top cover?
2.- Should I remove the LCD screen before removing the step motor?
3.- What precautions should I take when doing this operation?IMG_2059

Thanking you


Hi Ruben,

Did you end up replacing your linear screw? Curious to know how it worked out.

grtz Migsy

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Hi, replacing the linear screw was very simple. I just had to remove the right and top side covers and disconnect the LCD and the step motor. And now the Z axis works ok. Finally, this helped me (as a beginner) to know something more about the internal parts of the Bean.

Okay Cool!
Why did you need to replace it? Suffering from Z-wobble perhaps?

Did you just replace the screw or did you need to replace the motor too? Could you maybe post some pics of the replacement process?

I’m having the Z-wobble problem, so I’m looking for any clues or fixes. :slight_smile:

Hi Migsy, I had to buy a screw replacement because the one that came with the machine was bent and it was impossible to work properly. As the screw is integrated into the motor, it is necessary to change the whole system, although in theory the motor would not need to be changed. For your wobble problem it is convenient that you follow the instructions of the video uploaded by Kudo3d.

Thanks for your comment