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Bean LCD issue

Hi all.

Maybe my Bean has LCD issue.
When I turn on Bean and enter GUI, load file to print,
the noise appears on the LCD, and sometimes flashes or turns off.

Please check out the reference video.

So I thought this problem is caused by LCD, I bought brand new LCD from Kudo3D store and replaced it.
But this was not a solution at all.
If the failure is not caused by the LCD, what do you think is the cause?

By the way, when I checked the LCD because the print did not work, I noticed this problem.
I bought the bean about a year ago, and is keeping the box unopened for one year relevant to this problem?
Only the first rook was printed successfully.

It looks more like it’s the UV LED source at the bottom of the printer that is failing.

to test this, remove the LCD from the printer(the way it is shown in the instruction video), then connect it to the PCB in the side and place it above a larger light source (A Laptop LCD showing a white background is good)
Now try ‘printing’ again and see if the picture is stable.
You may want to place something on top of the Bean, to block the UV light while testing.
If it’s stable, the UV source is failing.
Feel free to test the old LCD the same way.

If the UV source is failing, try emailing contact@kudo3d.com
They hardly ever bother to read the forum.


Thank you it is nice idea, and I tryed it. It looks maybe UVLED is correctly working.
I took the video.

This is LCD on Tablet PC. It is noisy.
Old one is maybe broken, When I removing it.

And this is bean boot sequence on LCD. It is noisy too.

In the second video you can see that the ‘flickering’ is wide ‘bars’ that goes straight across the LCD, and the width of the wide bars are a multiple of the narrow bars.
That’s a controller issue.
The problem is either in the controller board, the connector between board and cable, or between cable and LCD.

Hmm… It seems difficult for me to determine what is the cause.
One year after purchase, the product has expired and I will give up.
Thank you.

Did you email support?

No. I did not mail to support.
It will cost money to repair the bean and I have given up.
I’m considering buying another 3d printer.

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