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Bean LCD was dead

My Bean’s LCD was broken in less than 200 hours.
I contacted support, but support is silent. HAHAHA ; )

200 hours? That’s not good, another user reporting this problem.

Some users from Facebook community are looking for a solution to extend LCD lifetime. It would be nice if the Kudo engineering team gives us some informations and a way to go.

My Bean is stopped. I’m stucked since my software license expired, it was available just for one month, I saw many people asking for a key to keep using it but seems that Kudo’s team is ignoring everybody that is not on shipping and payment process. I just printed 2 pieces as a calibration parameter. I tryed 3 validated STL models and I found a lot of bugs on software, that’s sad! I’m feeling that I made a wrong choice (I hope not). I would like to work on it after spend more than $1200 dolares with my Bean ($199 package) + add-ons + high shipping cost and duty taxes.

Sorry for the complaints but I’m outraged at the company’s stance, I’m feeling drifting :frowning: