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Bean NanoDLP mod



I used the Bean for the past month, and even though it works relatively well, I want to give it an extra kick.
In my opinion this can be achieved by replacing the Rpi image to a NanoDLP image, and keeping the hardware untouched, so that I keep the option to just replace the SD with the stock software.
I’ve been at it for the past 2 days, and I have everything working except for the G-code wait loop between stages.
So I have a problem in telling the ramps to wait for axis movement to finish before activating LCD & LED, and start the exposure sequence. M400 does not seem to work as expected (maybe due to out of buffer actions), and the other options that nanoDLP offers require a modified Marlin FW, which goes against my goal of keeping everything but the SD in stock setup.
I need your help as the only thing that is not working is this, and I believe that giving your customers the option to change the software to something more familiar would increase the printers value by a lot.
If you want to replicate the case, all I did is burn the standard nanoDLP image to a new SD, copied the LCD timings from your defaults, loaded it on the Rpi, chose the generic nanoDLP setup, and set the necessary sequences for print start, stop and exposures.

Machine settings: https://pastebin.com/vC4k0gic
Resin profile: https://pastebin.com/V1ipCwnK