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BEAN: oscillations along Z-axis in prints



I have a strange thing occurring in my prints: there is a ‘wavy’ pattern along the z-axis of the printed models. As if the platform oscillates in a regular pattern. The ‘wavelength’ of the pattern is about 3mm.

The pattern is clearly visible in the supports below:

I don’t really care about the pattern in the supports, but the prongs of the ring have the same distorted shape. That is a problem.

I’m using a special resin for jewelry casting and I thought it might have something to do with the resin and the printing settings. But then I checked the rook I printed as the first print after unboxing the Bean. I used the standard settings and green resin and back in October I thought it printed perfectly. But now I noticed it also shows this pattern somewhat:

Does anyone have the same thing happening or know how this can be fixed?

Thanks, Migsy


Have you lubricated the z axis rod? Do you notice the build plate handing up and dropping when descending?


Yes I’ve lubricated the rod. It doesn’t move up and down like how you describe.

I had a close look at the platform while I moved it up and down a couple of times, and I noticed it move from side to side ever so slightly.

I actually found out what it was after googling the phenomenon and it appears I’m not the first with a Bean that does this. It’s something known as ‘Z-wobble’ and is quite common in 3d printers. Apparently due to a cheaper quality linear stage and axis rod.

There is a guy in the Bean Facebook group who has a makeshift solution to the problem. He’s now trying to solve it by upgrading the linear stage wheels. I’m gonna wait and see what that does.