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Bean: Out-Of-Box Questions


I just unboxed my Bean printer, and there’s some info I’m missing in the quickstart guide. This and a couple other loose sheets were all the info included with the printer.

Here’s the questions I ran into immediately:

  1. What do I do with the teflon sheets?
  2. One instruction recommends taping the LCD screen. Where can I find further instructions on how to do that?
  3. Setup Step 2.5 says to check if the LCD lit up when the test.zip example was run. I don’t see anything lighting up. Where should I be looking?


More questions as they pop up:

  1. The kit comes with a small bag of screws and rods, but no mention of what they’re used for. What should I do with these?


The sheets are replacements for the sheet in the botom of the tray. And you use the screws and pins when installing one.
There’s an explanation of how to do this in user manual (available on te support page)

There are no proper instructions about taping the LCD. I’d try scotch tape, the transparent one, not the writeable one, and place it along the edges, with about 2mm of the tape onto the LCD. The point is to securely seal the gap between the LCD and the case.


Great, thanks.

That user manual should REALLY be (more?) prominently linked from the materials included in the kit.