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Bean powered off [SOLVED]


Hi to everyone,
I’ve received my Bean a few days ago and today I started to use.
First time I’ve powered on, al working great, rear power button was green, the printer web interface was working, the Z axle go up and down.
Powered off to move it in te correct position on the desk.
Now it do not want to power on…
Any ideas?
I’ve written to support@kudo3d.com, is the correct address for the support?
Thanks to everyone can help me.


I have the exact same experience. After my first print I turned the power off but now I can not start it again. No lights at all.

Could it be the PSU that is dead, and not the printer.


Got mine to work after changeing the psu. :smiley:


Alto for me needed to change external psu. Now it work