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Bean Resin container broke

I was broken cleaning it after printing out.
It is making it very delicate.
Let’s not break everybody.

I requested mail so that send the resin container.
I want to get the parts as soon as possible.

I have applied to the facebook Bean user group but it is not allowed.
It is closed now, I want you to open so that anyone can view it.

Awww man so sorry to hear tghis, I do hope your able to resolve it quickly, Unfortunately real world use is sometimes the only way to stress test these things :frowning:

Hi, Elk
Thanks for the message.
If you get a bean, please be careful not to break the resin container.
There is no reply from Kudo3D’s support yet😅

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Because of this issue I’ve now ordered a spare in on idiegogo not cheap are they :frowning: I hope they are strong enough.

Thank you for this feedback.
I actually got a spare one and will take care.

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i haved the same issue… now i am using the second VAT that ordered in pledge…

I have a FDM printer… VAT can be 3d printed? What material (Pla, ABS, PETG, Nylon,…)

I have noticed that will printing after the cure lamp turns off.
Your print will lift to allow new resin to run underneath the print.
The vat sometimes lifts up to 2 mm off the surface it is resting on. Sometimes the model dose not release and this can cause rounding of your 3d prints but this will also lead to wearing on the print vat joints as it will flex up to 1000 times a print depending on your layer count.

I solved this by using some tape and hold the vat down.
I could increase lift height but this would increase the vat flexing

The lifting is what they called “Passive Peel Techonology” or something like that. Nonsense if you ask me. The way that Kudo3D has overlooked the io boards and printer software leaves me to conclude that the lifting wasn’t intentional and they didn’t want to remake the VAT because there’s no way they can properly lock it down without delaying and spending money. Hence, spin the defect into a positive and call it “passive peel technology” and sacrifice the hinges and print quality.

Well if you print something like the Eiffel tower the passive peel causes the two tower legs furthermost away from the hinge not to stick to the base and the print fails every time. Stick it down and no more problem.

Surely when the model lifts the Teflon itself would give you a passive peel without flexing the tray.

The tray lift would get worse if you had a really big model that covers most of the print surface.

I would personally recommend not using the passive peel as it dose not make sense. It compromises the tray and model.

Other than that i have had some awesome prints on my bean. Far more successful prints than my other 3d printers.