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Bean: Rubber seal issue on Vat

There’s a bit of an issue with the rubber seal on the stock resin vats.
Unless you tighten the bolts holding the metal ring very tightly, you end up with the screw heads below the bottom edge of the vat.

If you tighten them enough, you may permanently distort the rubber seal.

This issue can be resolved by switching to bolts with ‘button heads’ as they are flatter. (The originals are M3 6mm ‘Cap head’ bolts, I believe)
A 50pack of these are usually $3 or less from a Chinese reseller on everyone’s favorite online auction site.
I don’t expect KUDO3D to start selling these, but if they decided to swap them on new vats, it would be nice.

Going back to the old solution with silicone sealant is of course not an option.
(Who would want that? That stuff stinks and takes 24Hours to fully cure. )

NOTE: Anyone ordering these should pick BLACK bolts to reduce reflected light.

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