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Bean “tough resin” settings


i used first the green resin , and with the default settings , i did a few great prints !

But , i can’t get any successful print with tough resin ( grey resin )

the support replayed to me i need to play with the settings, but when i asked do you know the best settings, they didn’t respond.

i did play with it and no luck .


Can you describe the problems that you are having? Also, did you make sure to switch your resin profile from green to tough?


I have found that the grey resin does not hold very great detail when printing tiny structure.
Interestingly enough, the surface detail (bricks on a castle etc) seems great on large structures though. I had to increase support diameter to no less than 0.6mm noses with the grey resin. I can go down to 0.35 with green resin.

I made a ‘low res’ profile for my supports in meshmixer to handle this. 1mm supports with 0.6mm tips.

Hope this helps.