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Bean: Z Calibration issue


I received my Bean 3D a few weeks ago. I followed the quick setup guide and successfully printed the Rook test file. However, on this first print when the Bean went to the Home position I heard a “cracking” noise when it reached the Home position and it scared me at first because I thought that it had cracked the LCD, but it seemed ok and the Rook printed perfectly.

When the print was finished I removed the resin tank and everything seemed ok. I thought it might be a good idea to check the Z home position so I followed the instructions from the official Bean Z video. After replacing the resin tank I had the software go to the Home position, but when it did the whole machine began to vibrate as it seems that it was still trying to move the Z down but had reached it maximum physical position.

What’s going on? Is this a software bug? Is the video out of date and there’s a better method to set the Home Z?



I have had a similar issue. The drive screw keeps spinning when I do auto zero. Why isn’t there a stop or zero/tare button. More important why doesn’t the bed stop?


If you interrupt the optical stop with a small piece of paper while the platform is moving, does it stop?


Hi jkao,

I’ll try that next. Very frustrating.


Did you ever get yours working, Wedgewoot?


Yes, the optical stop appears to be working fine.


I haven’t had another chance to try but might today. I had to swap out the platform with the Teflon film as I accidentally poked a hole in it while trying to remove a build that didn’t stick to the lifting platform. So I’m going to do a z calibration just to make sure it’s all aligned. I will try the paper thing. Where is the sensor located? Thanks


Here’s a screenshot from the zero calibration video they posted on YouTube:

The end stop is the black object in the back of the printer with the LED light. When the metal extension from the build plate enters the gap in the end stop, the light turns off and triggers the stop.