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Bean3d connection Issues


i am triying Bean3d… but i have conection issues, and cant connect to printer, i try to explain:

Case A: Printer connected direct to LAN port of Router server internet

  • No Issues, i can connect without problems to Bean3d,to “kudo3d.local/#”

Case B: Printer conected to wireless repeater (with printer) by LAN, and wireless repeater to main router by WiFI

  • I cant connect to Bean3d, url: (The same) http://kudo3d.local/#
  • Other pc or phone connected to wireless repeater, CAN connect to internet

Bean3d, have a ip assigned by default?
Some idea i cant connect to Bean… only occurs that do not translate the url “kudo3d.local/#” to an IP


Would you explain how to connect Bean 3D on network via LAN port? My computer cant connect to bean3d

now, in my case, bean its working in network without problem…

First check if you can see Bean in local network…
for check this, there are some freeware software for scan local network, and check if Bean its conected.

If connected, with a Internet navigator connect this IP, or de URL in instrucctions, think is http://kudo3d.local/#