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Bean3d issue


After vat resin leaks I have dismount upper tapper of my bean… But, un some point I have unplugg a ribbon wire, think the screen ribbon.

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What I can do?

You broke the display flex, the only solution is buy a new one, this cable is very weak, I had the same problem. I recommend you border the screen with electricsl tape to prevent leaks of rein inside screen and printer.


What model do you buy to replace? (Kudo Bean3d display or 3rd brand…)

I tried with third party screen and original screen. The reference is LS055R1SX04 same screen than the Wanhao, Anycubic Photon screen not working. However the screen that I tried, comes with backlight I must remove it and not have a back cristal I need to use the back cristal from the damaged screen. Kudo oficial screen comes with the aprox 3mm black cristal and without backlight.

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