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Best between accepting blur or lower resolution


Hello all,

I am wondering what is best between:
1- printing a part at high resolution (37um) and using almost the whole printing width (Y) which means my print will suffer from the blurring effect near the far edge of the printing area


2- Using a lower resolution (50um) and stay in the area where it is more clear



Depends on what you are printing. I produce jewelery on my printer so I’m mainly doing small, high detail models and have found the 37um resolution to be too limiting to the models I am trying to print. 50um has been the best balance between resolution and build surface but even that sometimes gets to be a little problematic with some larger models like pendants. Its almost more trouble then its worth to adjust the projector hight on the Titan, I wish the projector plate was on a threaded shaft that could be turned to raise and lower it along the z axis and not require so much tinkering to get adjusted and leveled.


Thanks for your reply. I see many possible improvements on the printer.