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Big problem with BEAN printer


There are several problems with the BEAN printer:

  1. in your website kudo3d.com the printer BEAN does not exist !!!
  2. in the small paper delivered with the BEAN, it is indicated that we can find the user manual in our web site … there is nowhere of manual Should I consult another website ???
  3. I received my BEAN a few days ago and it does not work I’m waiting for a response from the support …

Questions :

Why use a wifi router? is it not possible to connect the BEAN directly to a computer (with a router without wifi). What is the default IP address? DHCP?

Currently the LAN LED does not come on when I connect the BEAN on the wifi mini router bundled with. If I know this router with a computer it lights up, so it is the BEAN that is down.

I understand that having bought a printer on indiego there are small problems, but that’s a lot …

I do not understand either kudo3d make professional printers ??
so why all these difficulties for a new machine?



Hey, You want to hear a bigger issue. My LCD started to show black marks after two weeks of printing and they refused to fix it. Then two days after addressing the issue, the printer is completely got bricked. The LCD panel displays the boot sequence and fails to connect completely. Two weeks and its scrapped. Now they don’t want to help fix the issue because as they put it I was an early backer and i paid less the what the Bean cost to make.
I ended up buying another LCD from another company (Photon) and am still waiting for a response from them. Its been almost 4 WEEKS with no response.



  1. They haven’t even distributed them to all backers, yet. Why should they post them on the website, yet?
  2. https://www.kudo3d.com/downloads/
    That page has 3 manuals and a Firmware download. Want more?
  3. As someone who works in tech support. ‘It does not work’ is the one description that will get your issue placed firmly at the far end of the queue. Write a proper description of what you did, step by step, what happens and what ou believe should have happened.

Yes, it’s possible to connect it directly to yourhome network with a cable. Yes, it uses DHCP. According to the manual you were unable to find, it should be known as KUDO3D.Local on the net. Unless there’s a hickup with DNS somewhere. In which case either check the DHCP server in the router, or PING every address in the IP range until you find it.

  1. the url kudo3d.local/# does not work …
  2. Currently the LAN LED does not come on when I connect the BEAN on the wifi mini router bundled with. If I connect this router with a computer it lights up, so it is the BEAN that is down.
  3. The power supply 12v make a clik click sound …
  4. there is 24h there was nothing to download about BEAN! : the update of the page web the dates from:2018-10-31T14:06:56+00:00
    You have to look in the html code of the download page


Hello, the screen that has changed works well? can you print again?
If so, what is the model used, it might serve me maybe someday.
Do you know where I can find the manual for this BEAN?
When you turn on, the LCD should display something?


my printer is always down !!!
only the start button lights up at the back
on the front side the drawing of the mark has only been lit once after several on / off and since nothing and the power supply block still makes the noise “click click” which is not normal!

no response to my support request for 3 weeks …


sounds like you have also hardware issues. I, too, did skip the WLAN router and ended up connecting the bean directly to my laptop. On startup, the bean sends a DHCP discover and asks for a DHCP address via broadcast. Thus under Windows, what you can do is to enable Internet Sharing for the Ethernet Adapter the bean is connected to. It will receive a random IP address in the range your Ethernet adapter is defined. For me it was in the range. I found the correct IP address by using nmap for windows and simply ping-scanning the subnet for hosts which are up. As all my other devices are on a different subnet, the found IP address then is the printer. I am not able to access the printer via http://kudo3d or whatever the supposedly address is, because the printer does not have any way to register to a local DNS server. Does not matter for me, the printer also listens on its IP address, i.e. in my case.
You could also put the printer to a FritzBox or similar and then the printer should be available like the quickguide says.
Hope this helps for you to access the printer, if it boots up at all…


not in my previous post, I said that I found the problem: it is a problem with the powersupply 12V, one hears a noise of “click click” and the green light of the drawing on the front face does not do not light up !! except once when it turned on and this is the only time I was able to access the web page

I just want to know what to do?
I have to buy myself a new powersupply?



I have now plugged in a laboratory power supply with an adapter instead, the printer now works
I can buy from my local e-suppliers a replacement this power supply.
Question KUDO3d refund me this purchase?


It’s amazing how end users have to find the solutions to Kudo3D’s crappy problems.
Way to go Kudo!


I made a measurement of the power supply, we see in the image that the consumed current is greater than 100mA, the voltage 12 volts is not more continuous but pulsed (2 volts per square)
I would like to receive a replacement power supply !!
I can also buy one from a local supplier, but who will pay?



The Photon screen doesn’t work with Bean you must tu buy this reference. LS055R1SX04 however if you buy in third party this could be come with backlight and without back cristal


still no support for my diet that is down why no one gives any sign of life at kudo …


They bit off more than they could chew it seems. A common thing among kickstarted bro tech companies…