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Build Platform

Hi everyone,

I am using a Titan 2HR 3D printer and the build platform has a hole in the middle to accommodate a screw. When a part is large enough so that the image overlaps with the hole, it interferes with the print and print quality is badly affected.

A layer of supports could be added for first 15-20 layers to get rid of that interference as a way out but when I try to print lattice structure that needs to be porous on all slides, the solid support blocks the porosity on one side so it generates the print but renders is useless.

So I am looking for suggestions for alternate build platforms that can be purchased from any other vendors that provide a fully flat surface and can be attached to the Titan2HR. Could someone or the tech team point me to any such alternative or a better fix? @Kudo3D_Tech_Support @jkao @co3Dprints

You can use epoxy and glue a piece of aluminum which has the same size as the platform. It can be smaller than the platform if you do not need the whole area to reduce the vacuum force in the first 1mm. Make sure the screw is tightened before doing this.

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