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Building platform/Linear guide "jumps" ~1mm downward around 17mm height of print


Building platform/linear guide “jumps” 1mm to 2mm around 17mm point (height).
I wonder what the problem can be here. when the platform goes up out of the VAT, it goes up smoothly and steadily, yet around the 17mm point up until 19mm, every time the platform needs to come down, it “jumps” a mm down, kind of squashing a few micron layers of the freshly cured resin on the model.

At this point, a heavier model may come off the platform because of the violent shock or the model gets a “glitch” in its appearance, a clear line of about a mm that shows something went wrong there.

I will post sample pictures of failed prints soon.

Can we have some sort of build plan/technical plan of the print platform and its connection to the screw? Is this an issue that has already occurred during test phases?
If so, what is the possible solution, do I simply need to bolt it loose and put it together again for smooth operation? Do I need to replace the screw/cylinder itself or the platform attachment?

Any support is welcome! (If I need to reorder a part I would gladly do so if it would cure the issue at hand. Thanks for some advice)


Can you reproduce the jump while dry? I think a small movie that shows what the screw and rod area looks like and what the sounds are during a normal layer movement compared to a layer at the point where there’s a jump would be helpful.


Hi, I will do some testing soon when I find some time. Lowering and elevating the platform in a few speeds.
I also have some footage around (low quality but you can see and hear what happens). Will upload it soon. At the moment I can already provide you with some pictures of my attempts where it is clearly visible where it went wrong.

at about the 17mm mark you can see the lines in the figurine that got printed almost entirely and then you have the version that isnt as finished where you can see a gap and a misprint in the previous attempt. this is also the point where the previous attempt got detached from the platform (solved this somehow with an extra big printing platform and bigger exposure time for the base, but it still shows the fragile and deformed spot for about 1 - 2 mm where the platform “jerks/glitches”) down.

Little video coming soon.

Thanks for looking into this already. Will do my best to provide as much info as I can for future troubleshooting by anyone.


More pictures (seem to only be able to upload one at a time):


or too quickly: (spam-security is important, lol)




As a workaround while we both wait to see if there is an official response, try adding some more weight to the build platform - that worked for me.