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Can't Connect Bean Through University Network


I am a university student, so I brought my Bean to the university and connected it to the student residential network through ethernet. I had successfully printed with the machine a couple of times earlier on a home/personal network during the holidays, but now that I am back at my university I am having a hard time connecting to the printer interface.

Some things I noted:

  • The personal network that did work didn’t let me use “kudo3d.local/”, I had to type in the IP address that was assigned to the printer by the network to get to the printer interface.
  • I don’t have access to the university network’s connected devices’ IP addresses; at least not the same way I would on the personal network (by going into the router settings and finding it).
  • The wireless repeater provided with the Bean is not proving to be helpful. The university requires a username and password with each device login, and the repeater, as far as I know, can’t connect to a network that needs that kind of information.
  • I also thought I could use the repeater as a standalone router and have a network to use the bean with, but with no internet access. That didn’t work, but it could just be that I have no idea what I’m doing in that area.
  • I knew this from the start, but the Bean itself can’t be connected to via ethernet. It was worth a shot though.

Any ideas on how I can get connected to my machine?


It is possible that your university is blocking the Bonjour discovery packets used by the Bean’s raspberry pi to announce its IP address. You need to somehow get the Bean and your computer on a network that will allow those naming packets to be sent.

What I might try is to try to acquire a router that has the “Wifi as WAN” feature. A usual router would plug in physically to an uplink (e.g. cable modem) and then share that connection over WiFi. A router in WiFi as WAN mode will do the reverse, it will act as a wifi client and then share that connection out onto a set of Ethernet ports.

If you go this route, I suggest you first validate the network configuration with two computers plugged into the router. Both should have their own WiFi disabled, but still be able to reach the internet via the router acting as a wifi client.

Then, plug the Bean into that router and plug your own computer into that router as well. That will allow discovery packets to flow between the Bean and your computer without being blocked by your schools network (since they’re communicating via your own router).


Thanks for your response!
I am happy to say that I have solved the problem, and am now continuing to use the Bean.
What worked was using the wifi repeater (included in the deluxe package) as a router, but with no connection to the internet.
I tried this before, but I didn’t know of a way to find the Bean’s assigned IP address from the router. I solved this by going into the router settings and looking at all the (1) connected devices (I did not know where this was located previously). I can provide pictures and steps if anyone else needs them. Connecting to the router’s offline network and having the Bean plugged into the router’s LAN port made it work!.
Essentially, it worked just like the 1st half of the video below, but without using kudo3d.local/#. Instead, you have to use the printer’s assigned IP.

For reference: