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Can't send the print order to the printer


Hi All,

I have a Titan1 upgraded to Titan2. I have followed all steps to make my first print. I have control over the printer, calibrated the z axis and grid. I used the calibration sample and sliced it, removed the file 0 and zipped the whole thing as explained. I just can’t get the run button to work. Nothing happens.

The state shows operational and I can see the .zip file and .cvs file have been loaded. It also show the right number of layer.

I see in the terminal that all control commands are listed but when I hit print, it is not listed. It seems the printer is not sent to the printer.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you


sorry, I made a typo error.

*It seems the order is not sent to the printer.


well. I restarted the printer and it works now. Thanks anyways