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Connection issues

The first time I connected the printer to my main and second laptop it worked perfectly I was even able to print the chiral ball via my main laptop running it on windows 8.1 x64.
On the second day I plugged the printer to the main laptop and made sure it was properly rigged (correct ports and number #) I was not able to connect. It kept on displaying ‘’ connecting …”’ and never connected. I tried ‘’ power on’’ the projector and it started displaying ‘’ Not connected to printer’’.
I tried switching USB ports, checked my device manager, installing uninstalling the software, disassembled and reassembled the titan1, disabled the Kaspersky internet security I even tried to connect from my second laptop running windows 10 x64 it never connected nor was I able to turn on the projector.
It kept displaying the same messages:
‘’ connecting …”’ ‘’ Not connected to printer’’
Can you kindly advice thank you.