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Connectivity Issues

Hello all,

I’m looking for some trouble-shooting tips on connectivity to my board for the first time. I am seeing a COM port, getting a blinking green light when I click the “reset” button on the side of the board, and confident I have power. However, when I try to connect from the Kudo Software, I get nothing but epic fail.

Appreciate any pointers anyone might have.


I suggest that you start by disconnecting the projector and connecting only the control board. Both the projector and the control board use the same type of UART chip, so it can be hard in Windows to figure out which is which.

Once you have only the control board plugged in, make sure that the speed is set to 115200 and then press the “Port” button. This will do a COM port autodetection to search for COM ports to list in the dropdown.

Can you list out what COM ports you see there, and then what happens as to try to connect to each one?