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Controller blinks red a couple of times and cannot connect


I’m looking for some help in troubleshooting my Titan machine. I have 12 volts powering the board and am unable to connect via software.

It seems I should have a green LED lighting up to indicate the board is operational (I’m gathering this strictly from watching setup videos - I don’t see any documentation to back that up).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


You need to make sure that you have the necessary drivers installed per the manual (which weren’t depicted in the videos where the laptop already had them installed).

If you have the necessary driver or OS version that has the driver built-in, there are a very small number of user-modifiable properties on the board.

The only thing to try would be to ensure that the current of the A4988 driver is set to around 1A, or slightly less. I have some evidence (that I haven’t fully confirmed) that if the driver is set too high, there will be all kinds of strange communication and stability problems.

Pololu has a video on that at:

Otherwise, you’ll need to contact support about the issue, there have been cases of bad boards in the past and if you have a bad board, they will send you a replacement.