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Creation Workshop no longer free?


by now we have used Creation Workshop to slice our models and get the necessary input images for the Titan1 software. After a re-installation of our computer we discovered that Creation workshop seems to be commercial now? Is there any alternative slicer that can produce the necessary input images for Titan1 software? We tried slic3r but it seems to produce only svg images which are not accepted as input for Titan1 software. Thanks for any help on this.


Good Question. Any help here Forum?

I made a video on this topic:

You don’t have to use Photonic3D as the print controller, you can also use the regular Kudo3D Titan 1 host software with the generated zip file.

If you need to generate supports, you can also use MeshMixer instead of Cura.

After taking some time off from printing, I too went and built a new system to run the Titan. I’m also a bit frustrated to find software initially given to the backers as now NOT free.

What’s going on?

The issue with Creation Workshop is really outside of Kudo3D’s control, and has impacted the whole DLP resin printing community. There are many open source projects working to close the gap in different areas, but each of the projects has focused on one particular missing function and the use of different packages is required.

At almost 4k you would think the software would be included. This printer is literally a couple hundred dollars worth of parts???

A new THK high precision linear stage is already $800 USD if purchased directly from THK. A non-modified new DLP projector will cost you at least $550 USD. The printer uses all-metal body (2mm thick brushed aluminum) ensuring reliability. There were countless hours that went in to developing and testing all parts for the printer. This is not including the hours we spend for individual technical support for customers who need it.

There are no laser type SLA printer that uses industrial grade linear stage. And the laser galvo is much cheaper than the DLP projector. Of course the performance between the laser and DLP printer is different. Resolution, reliability, and speed of a DLP printer is much better than laser printers.

To come up with an integrated software (including supports generation, slicing, hollowing, and printer control) will increase the cost of the printer substantially. Allowing customers to use 3rd party software not only lowers the price of the printer but also allows them the flexibility to change the code. This software chain has been used by all of our customers and resulted in great prints.

If you have any questions about using the software to create your prints, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out!


Solus /B9 has their own software and with reasonable price. I don’t think it’s a good excuse to do nothing on software.