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Customer service


It’s not to often you find a company that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help their customers out. I had issues with my projector accumulating dust inside the lens and causing grief for me and my prints. I emailed customer and explained the situation to them. They immediately asked for my serial number. They contacted Acer and the following day I got an email from Kudo with instructions to mail out my projector through UPS. All I had to do was print my shipment label and send it off. They handled the cost.
I was shocked. This is a amazing company with amazing customer service. The responses to my emails are in hours not days.
I’m glad I bought my first 3D printer from Kudo3D. You can tell a lot with a company on how their customer service operates and handles our hiccups and problems.
5 stars Kudo3D.



Hi Kudo,

my name is Deni. I work for Mr. tonci Kosor.
We have boat 2 of you kudo titan 1 machines.
I am having problems for calibrating the machine.

Using a laptop when I whatn to make the grid (red grid) the laptop display goes black?
Using your contact form i have send you 2 emails almost a month ago.

Can we maybe have a teamviewer so you can see what is the problem.

my email is deni@b3d.hr

hope that you can help me.

Best regards


Deni, can you start a new thread asking about your issue and post a more step by step description of what you are encountering, with pictures as appropriate?

Myself and other users here can probably help you out if we’re given enough information.


Deni, we checked our contact us inbox and found only one of your email. We have many inquiries everyday and we did missed you mail. This is our mistake and we apologize to you. We usually reply in 12 hours and no more than a day, including weekends. Other than “contact us”, customers can also reach us via Facebook or forum. Occasionally, our server is down for maintenance and the inbound emails may get lost too.


hello James,
I would like to know how to do calibration x y 75 micron axis with 35 micron resolution on z axis how should I set titan 1? can you make a tutorial? thank you.


I suggest you search previous posts and look at my and Kudo3D’s YouTube channel. Both Kudo3D and I have done XY calibration videos in the past.