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CW "default.slicing" file question


Hi All,

I’m just getting started with Creation Workshop, and I’m confused by the “default.slicing” file that Kudo has provided… it seems like it is set up for failure?

In specific, these four lines look goofy:


Shouldn’t these be adjusted to 1920 X and 1080 Y? And, shouldn’t the “dots per mm” be (Resolution X / Projected Length X), and the same for the Y axis?

Appreciate any guidance on this.



Download the “Titan1 and Titan2 Machine configuration for slicing” and copy the files inside to the “Machines” folder under CW folder. Download “default.slicing” and copy it to the “Profiles” folder under CW to replace the existing one.
Run CW. In the dropdown list under the “Machine configuration” , select the resolution that you printer is configured.
1920x1080 should be reflected under “output resolution”. Don’t forget to press “Apply Changes”