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Display from Print tab is not what the projector is outputting

@Kudo3D_Tech_Support I have had quite a few successful prints, lately the Layer display on my print tab is showing the correct file being printed while the projector is printing something else from an older project. If I shut it off over night and delete my files, in the morning when re-upload my file the first print in the morning will be good. All prints following the first good print do not seem to be synchronized between the interface software and the projector, unless I repeat the above steps and wait overnight.

-Seems to happen if I realize an error in the print and cancel the job. I think it is wanting to resume on cancel like it would when it is paused. It is supposed to do this? How can I clear the printing queue after a cancel?


If you pause the print and want to start a new print, you would need to stop the print first and load the new model. Could you do a dry testing without resin and the build platform? You can observe the slice patterns on the vat floor directly.
You can stop the print for the first one and load a new model to see if the second model is printed.
You can also start from the second to the last layer for the first one and let the printing complete. Load the second one and see if it is OK.

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Thank you for your reply, I figured out it was my fault, I had a small portion of my design on the under side of my base that I missed when I was cleaning up the file for printing. Fixed file and printed like a dream. Thank you for your great product :relaxed: