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Display ID Setting not working


I had to rebuild my machine recently and am now on Windows 10.

I am trying to use the Display ID setting in the Projector Control section of the Titan control software (v3.1) and it does not seem to be working.

When set to “1” (Which would be the Acer Projector… ) the calibration grid still pops up on my desktop display (the analog monitor set to ID 2…)

I am using an old school analog 1280x1024 as my primary and the Acer Projector that is the heart of my Titan1 as the secondary.

Unfortunately Win10 sets projector as ID 1 and the Primary monitor as ID 2. I am not seeing any way in either the Windows Display settings or the AMD Control Center to change these IDs in any meaningful way.

Switching the physical ports that each monitor is plugged into has similarly been unsuccessful in changing the Display ID assignments.

Is there anyone who might be able to help with this issue.

Am I missing some key step or point…?

Thanks in advance.


What is the ID for the primary display after unplugging the projector?


It would switch to ID 1.

My machine had a hiccup involving not being able to find it’s boot drive, after that, this issue seemed to self correct, with the output displaying on the correct output monitor.

Thanks, though.