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Doesn't bean print at 25um?


Is it capable of printing at 25 microns because i tried it several times and failed but when i try the same parts at 50, its successful. Also the kudo3d slicer software has only 50um profile for bean, what about other profiles? @Kudo3D_Tech_Support


Same… In the web say can reach 10 microns


Same here. I note that they only have a 50 microns profile for now.


Some anser? Explanation?

I enter this crowfunding … in large part because of that characteristic, to be able to print layers of up to 10 microns, according to the characteristics …

But when I try to print something, it is not clear to me if it is possible, since if you can lower the layer height in the Slicer … but it seems that the curing times are the same …

Should not there be a profile for thinner layers? Curing times should not be less?


I dont think they are interested in answering any queries from us which is a shame


Hey, You want to hear a bigger issue. My LCD started to show black marks after two weeks of printing and they refused to fix it. Then two days after addressing the issue, the printer is completely got bricked. The LCD panel displays the boot sequence and fails to connect completely. Two weeks and its scrapped. Now they don’t want to help fix the issue because as they put it I was an early backer and i paid less the what the Bean cost to make.
I ended up buying another LCD from another company (Photon) and am still waiting for a response from them. Its been almost 4 WEEKS with no response.