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Dry test scaling is off,

I’m running a Titan1 and have reached the point of doing the dry test runs. I have a 20mm cube sliced in SLAcer.js and loaded, but when it projects, the image is 6mm. I don’t know where I start adjusting the scaling? I calibrated on the 75micron grid, doesn’t that provide the proper scaling for the x and y coordinates? Any suggestions? Thanks.

75um XY resolution has a build size of 144mm x81mm which has a diagonal of squareroot(144^2 + 81^2) = 165.22mm
You need to enter this diagonal number into SLAcer before slicing.

Thanks, that helped, but when I measure during the dry run, I’m now 16.00mm.

Nevermind, I discovered my error. I did not fill in the Screen width and height along with the diagonal in SLAcer. Thanks.