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Eng tough and Eng hard


I’ve recently purchased a bottle of each resin for our Kudo 1 and I’m not having any luck getting viable prints. In each case the model binds to the print head for the first ~5 layers or so then breaks away. I can’t find any parameters on the Kudo site for these so I’m been guessing- any ideas? I’ve been playing with the various values for the layer changes between the first three zones- typical try looks like

Printing the Kudo calibration target
53 micron print size, small plate
First layer, 90 sec, 5mm lift, 10 mm/min
2-5: 30 sec, 5mm, 10 mm/min
6-10: 20 sec, 5mm, 15 mm/min
11-40: 10 sec, 3.5mm, 15 mm/min

Any ideas?


A quick followon- the pigment in the resin seems to be causing a lot of light scattering which then cures an area around the actual model. This might be the issue since I haven’t seen this before, but don’t know of a way to handle it.

Link to a photo here


I’m getting some similar issues, where the model starts just after supports, it’s “mushy” and flat. I’m using Meshmixer to generate supports, with a modified SLA/DLP setting where the Y support is 3mm, which has given me a better result, but still has the “mush” on it.

Amazingly enough, if it doesn’t need supports, it prints out perfectly. My Rook and my Rift Sensor Wall-Mount were perfect.


For the first layer, exposure time with 30~40s is enough, then increase lift height to 6mm for absolute separation between cured resin and fep film.


@Harshmage, for 10~20 layers right after supports, if the number & cross sectional area of supports or hardness of resin is not enough, you might need to add exposure time for 1.5 or even 2 times of normal one to avoid suction caused by air pressure