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Firmware update help


So I’ve just put together my kickstarter titan 1 - I know, It’s sad it sat in the box for a year before I made time to build it. The upshot is that the upgrade kit came up so I bought it and built the unit as a Titan 2.

My issue is that I cannot update the firmware. When I unplug the USB cable running from the arduino Mega to the Raspberry Pi and attach to my PC the arduino is not recognized. I’ve installed the latest arduino software and tried connecting on my MacBook, a windows 7 machine and a Windows 10 machine.

I get zero acknowledgement when attaching to the mac and there is no serial port to choose. Windows tells me it’s an unrecognized USB device and when pointing the device to the Arduino drivers it says that they are not compatible and I already have the best match.

Is there a step I’m missing to get this plugged into my PC and recognized?

FYI - I have an Arduino Uno board I play around with and this connects to all my PCs. This is why I’m so confused about the issue at hand.

If there is an issue with the Mega board and I’d like to replace it - could this be done easily enough? Someone in another thread did so and posted the Amazon link to a compatible board. So if I try this Is there software stored on the original that needs to be transferred to a replacement board?

Any guidance would be great!



Is the mega2560 the original one that comes with the printer? If so, you might need to install the USB to serial driver for windows. If it is not the driver problem, then you can press the reset button and see if it will talk to your PC.

If the mega2560 is dead, you can get one on ebay but make sure it has the CH340 chip.


Yes, this is the original mega 2560 that shipped with my kickstarter edition of the Titan 1.

Is there any backup necessary prior to resetting the mega? I’m used to making sure there is always a way to revert back to prior setting before resetting or updating.

To clarify on my side the issue appears to begin with the fact that windows doesn’t know what to do with the board when it’s plugged in. It shows up under the device manager but it shows up as an unknown USB device with the yellow exclamation mark. I’ll check for the USB to serial drivers but ultimately need windows to see this as an arduino before the software can send firmware to it.

Should the issue reside with a problematic Mega 2560…would this item work as replacement - it’s not on eBay but it’s cheap and readily available on amazon. Just not clear from amazon description if it has the suggested CH340 Chip. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00OH21CRM/ref=ya_st_dp_summary



Any mega 2560 with CH340 should work


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