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First Print! Alien bust

Hello! This is my first print with my Titan at 100 microns with the Makerjuice Resin and Grey dye. I tried to split this up into a couple parts to test out some casting. I should have stuck with a more simple design. I will have more prints done soon! This was sculpted in Zbrush by me : ]


this looks straight up phenomenal, amazing job

Wow, awesome sculpt! Congrats.

Did you use MeshMixer supports? If so, can you post in shots of this? Your support cleanup looks excellent.

Thanks for the kind words!

I used Creation Workshop supports pretty much on default to make the support structure for my prints. I then used modeling clippers and an exacto knife to remove a bulk of the supports then used a cheap manicure dremel for the rest of the clean up along with other modeling files and what not.

Dremel Tool


Files for sanding

I use the same cordless dremel tool (high and low)