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First Print Z-height issue

I completed my first print today of the Chiral ball. The z-height is too short and the ball turned out more like an a spherical ellipsoid (egg shaped, see attached photos). I used the csv file provided on this site and used a layer thickness of .25mm (or 250 um, as recommended). Can anyone help me with what could be causing this issue? Thanks in advance.

Do you have screenshots of the settings you used for machine profile in Creation Workshop and the settings you used in the Kudo3D host software?

@ Jacob
It could be the XY is off or the Z is off. Can you tell which axis is off?
If the size in the XY directions is off, your build size in Creation Workshop does not align with the actual projected image size, or you do not set the right number of pixels which is 1920x1080. If the Z dimension is off, the slice thickness in Creation Workshop is not the same as the layer thickness in Kudo3D software.

I am guessing this may be an xy calibration issue. Is it more important to have the projected grid match the 50 micron ruler grid or for the entire projected grid to measure 96mm x 54mm? I will re-calibrate and try another print.

Sorry attachment size was too large, here is the screenshot of the settings.

If you are using @Jensa’s calibration chart, that 50 micron grid measures 96mm x 54mm. There isn’t an either/or decision as to whether to follow the grid or get 96x54. Both should be true.

Can you measure the resulting object with a ruler in mm? That would tell us which dimensions are off.

Hi @Jacob, I was wondering if you solved your problem of having “egg shaped” test print? I recently purchased the Titan 1 and have had the same results. If you could let me know how you fixed this problem or anyone else in the thread I would greatly appreciate it!

I had this same issue too, raised up my projector and measured the total grid to 96mmx54mm and now it prints perfectly for 50 microns.