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Formware 3D Slicing Software


Has anyone here used/tried Formware 3D software for file prep? I’ve been using CW for the past year or so and find it rather slow when it comes to slicing larger files. Also, the support generation is somewhat cumbersome, not unreasonable, but could be better.



I’ve been using Formware since the build-in slicer did not work correctly for my models (it did not catch some structures sometimes in the different layers, kinda odd).
Very happy with and considering even buying it (30days trial version available). Bean Profiles come already predefined with the software, after some playing around with the functionality now it really works for me. The handling I did need to get used to, but now I like having the tool creating automatic supports with the strategy and parameters I desire and then being able to change / remove /add supports to my liking, if needed. Does the job.
Slicing speed is fine as well. Its more an issue that the Bean has issues extracting files >= 17MB, i.e. with lots of layers. It simply takes long(er). That is because of the poor I/O of the Raspberry I am sure.