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Has anyone tried Liqcreate Strong - X and had success with it?

I recently tried this resin from 3D Jake as it said “For all Open Source SLA & DLP 3D printers” and after a number of attempts didn’t get great resolution results - the resin is hard enough and hope to print plastic injection moulds from this. Just wondered if anyone else has had any top quality results or if there are some settings I can dabble with to sharpen up the prints?

Which settings did you use?

Licreate recommends 15seconds exposure at 100micron layers.
They also list lifting settings and stuff:

Is tha Strong X much stronger than KUDOs Eng resins?
(Since it’s twice as expensive)

Thanks for your info - appreciate you pointing me in the direction of the Liqcreate settings. I’ll look more into this when I get back into the ‘lab’ and hopefully post more results though from memory I was up around 30 seconds exposure on just 25 micron layers. But have to say the Strong X is exactly that, pretty tough though with my (over?) exposure lost some definition in my print.

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